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What we do

Our certified experts, seasoned in many challenges, understand the laws of digitalization and the impact on your company's business. We have work on numerous assignments, with listed companies and participated in strategic initiatives which have created significant value to these companies.

Our expertise in project, technology and software development methodologies is at your disposal in the following areas.

Project Management

We act as the project manager for your project or, alternatively, we can act as the responsible person for the customer and as the counterpart of the supplier's project manager. We also handle Product Owner or Scrum Master roles in agile development projects.

Software Development

Our developers are highly experienced technology and software development experts who master modern technologies and software development methodologies. In addition to technical expertise, Bradleys' experts communicate effectively as part of a team. With their expertise, every Bradleys Digital expert makes their own team better.

What do our Customers say


Bradleys Digital has delivered the desired strong development capabilities to our project.

Their consultants have met the requirements excellently. I can recommend Bradleys.

Peter Stolt - Program Manager


Bradleys Digital's software developers have proven to be core players in our team.

I can trust that even the most challenging tasks will be handled by them with high technical quality and a good attitude.

Tiina Rutanen - Director Service Management


Bradleys Digital's Project Manager has brought strong and proactive project expertise to an extensive project. We have been able to trust that the agreed things will move forward and that the overall benefits of Istekki and the end customer will be taken into account in the challenging project.

Tuomo Mujunen - Director, Regional Services

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