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What we have done

We have been involved in developing major companies' digital capabilities and business. Thanks to our diverse role, we have gained a unique perspective on the challenges and growth opportunities of different industries. Here are some of our most recent assignments.

  • Development of a modern IoT solution for a large Electricity Network Company
  • Development of digital services for TE Centers
  • Definition of e-commerce and digital services requirements for an international industrial and wholesale company
  • Development of customer relationship management, customer data, support processes and internal operations including technology choices of a major Nordic listed company
  • Concept building and definition of e-commerce and product information management for the industry's leading wholesale company, including technology and partner selection
  • Consulting, concept development and project support for new webstore for well-known cosmetics brands
  • Leading the e-commerce development team of a large retailer
  • Product Owner of digital development for listed industrial company
  • Management and administration of a major health care project
  • Go-to-market planning and facilitation for a start-up company
  • Renewal of digital services for a well-known tourist destination and development of the customer experience
  • Internationalization of fast-growing B2C e-commerce

Here are some great customers and partners we have had honor to work with:

What do our Customers say


Bradleys Digital has delivered the desired strong development capabilities to our project.

Their consultants have met the requirements excellently. I can recommend Bradleys.

Peter Stolt - Program Manager


Bradleys Digital's software developers have proven to be core players in our team.

I can trust that even the most challenging tasks will be handled by them with high technical quality and a good attitude.

Tiina Rutanen - Director Service Management


Bradleys Digital's Project Manager has brought strong and proactive project expertise to an extensive project. We have been able to trust that the agreed things will move forward and that the overall benefits of Istekki and the end customer will be taken into account in the challenging project.

Tuomo Mujunen - Director, Regional Services


Bradleys Digital has helped us with our journey towards better digital services. Together we have explored possibilities and requirements of new sales channels and possibilities that digitalization can provide for Mirka in it’s international business environment.

Bradleys Digital’s consultants have contributed to our development and projects with great insights, attitude and knowledge.

Matias Sandås - Program Manager

Särkänniemi Amusement Park

The digitalization of business is a big challenge for every organization. Bradleys Digital helped us to create roadmap for development, select technologies, find the right partners, and most of all keep the project on track during the development.

Bradleys operations reflects expertise and a real passion for developing our business.

Miikka Seppälä - CEO


Bradleys Digital has brought seniority to our digital development. In addition to technical expertise, we have received valuable proposals, how to develope our business.

Bradleys has increased our drive and improved the dynamics of our team.

Juhana Rintala - CEO

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