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We help our customers and their partners to excel in digital development

What we do

Our purpose is to produce measurable value to our customers. We do this by combining business knowledge and technology expertise. We offer our customers and partners our diverse experience in various development projects. Our goal is to help our customers build a digital identity as well as key competencies.

Omnichannel Customer Experience

A good customer experience is the sum of many things. In order to achieve great and consistent customer experience companies must describe the desired level of service to employees and systematically develop the key capabilities. A good customer experience is concrete, repeatable, personal and measurable. We guide our customers closer to the customer, utilising technology and the company's own strengths and capabilities.

Enterprise Architecture

We clarify the roles of strategic solutions and systems. We help to understand the dependencies and life cycle of these systems. We design a roadmap where critical system changes are identified and scheduled, optimizing processes and costs.

Project Consulting

The development of digital services and, for example, e-commerce, requires right partners and tools. We have knowledge on different vendors and solutions. We have investigated different operational methods and model and, most importantly, we have seen different outcomes. This experience is available to our customers and partners. We help our customers find the right partners, technologies and co-operation models.

Growth and Change Management

Developing digital services and the customer experience is demanding task and requires lot of effort and guidance. What are the strengths of our company and how will they be digititalized? Can we create new business and reach new customers by developing digital services? What opportunities we see in network economy, ecosystems or marketplaces? Where to start and how we should organize? What kind of investments are needed?

What do our Customers say


Bradleys Digital has helped us with our journey towards better digital services. Together we have explored possibilities and requirements of new sales channels and possibilities that digitalization can provide for Mirka in it’s international business environment.

Bradleys Digital’s consultants have contributed to our development and projects with great insights, attitude and knowledge.

Matias Sandås - Program Manager

Särkänniemi Amusement Park

The digitalization of business is a big challenge for every organization. Bradleys Digital helped us to create roadmap for development, select technologies, find the right partners, and most of all keep the project on track during the development.

Bradleys operations reflects expertise and a real passion for developing our business.

Miikka Seppälä - CEO


Bradleys Digital has brought seniority to our digital development. In addition to technical expertise, we have received valuable proposals, how to develope our business.

Bradleys has increased our drive and improved the dynamics of our team.

Juhana Rintala - CEO

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