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We have seen what mediocrity means to the quality and outcome of projects. We believe things could be better, the results should be better, and most importantly, we’ve learned that there’s a huge gap between customers’ day-to-day operations and the digital systems that support these operations.

Our philosophy is simple; we build our business on people and expertise, not technology first.

We hire only the best and most suitable people to our company. This expertise is at the disposal. Every Bradleys Digital expert is committed to make their own team better. Commitment and expertise leads to positive outcomes.


While technology can help us in so many ways, we still believe in people’s ability to build services as well as customer experience. We know that smart people know how to think independently and make smart decisions. We cherish cooperation with all parties. We value the expertise of our customers and partners, and our purpose is to help everyone harness that expertise.

Our promise is to be just a company the size of our expertise. We can grow only by investing into competence, and this is possible only with carefully selected experts, partners and customers.

Marko Mustanoja

Partner, Project Lead
+358 40 565 6172
Experienced Project Manager and make-it-happen guy. Guide through rough seas of digitalisation. Product Owner / Scrum Master.

Karri Mustonen

Leading expert in digital commerce and services, requirements clarifier, enterprise architect and project leader.

Matti Rossi

Partner, Business Consulting
+358 40 7673 660
Digital strategy developer. Coach of customer experience, organizational business capabilities and growth-oriented operating culture.

Antti Vienamo

Innovator and high power engine for your digital business. Program Manager and Product Owner.

Aino Haikala

Senior Software Designer
Full stack with strong frontend. Capable Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Caro Hautamäki

Senior Software Designer
Fullstack equally from the backend to the front. The uncrowned king of interfaces.

Martin Heath

Senior Software Designer
Full Stack expert with versatile experience. Head in the clouds, comfortable with the UIs.

Tommi Herranen

Senior Software Designer
Code above and below the stack. From databases through business logic to the user interface. You name it.

Timo Kannala

Senior Software Designer
Full Stack developer with versatile background.

Asmo Korkiatupa

Senior Software Designer
Full stack developer with strong cloud knowledge

Antti Laine

Senior Software Designer
Full Stack Developer with strong backend experience.

Olli Lindgren

Senior Software Designer
Backend oriented Full Stack developer with a loong experience.

Sami Lairala

Senior Software Architect
Experienced Software Architect and Product Owner. Sami is at home in demanding projects.

Kim Milán

Senior Software Designer
Full stack developer with a modern touch

Pasi Nyström

Senior Cloud Architect
Cloud Architect ja DevOps expert. Azure and AWS with solid expertise.

Samuli Saarinen

Senior Software Designer
Full Stack expert with an IoT twist, not forgetting the cloud. Samuli lives and breathes Java, but is not shy about other technologies.

Kaisa Sarén

Senior Software Designer
Full Stack developer with strong Backend. A true sailor of the digital ocean.

Jukka Siivonen

Senior Software Designer
Full Stack with strong backend and cloud expertise.

Mikko Sipilä

Senior Consultant & Product Owner
Senior healthcare technology professional, Product Owner and project leader.

Anniina Vuorinen

Project Lead
Technical Project Manager and Scrum Master with the human touch.

Porvoo Porukka

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