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Together, we create an immediate and caring work community. In addition to carefully selected experts, this also means that together we select the most interesting customers and projects. We work with a big heart and the hierarchy doesn’t even belong in our vocabulary. We work on customer assignments together or independently. At any time the expertise and support of our colleagues are always available to you. With us, progressive thinkers, innovators and change builders from our particularly talented team are supporting your continuous development.

In a small but growing company, everyone is building our common story and distinctive work culture. You could be a particularly important part of it! Instead of fancy titles, we want each employee to raise the standard of all of us and bring a valuable addition to our skills, culture, and sense of humor that is in a class of its own.

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Experienced software developer
Senior Cloud Consultant
Coding Architect
Project Manager / Product Owner
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What do we offer to you?

  • We empower you to become better version of yourself as a professional, team player, member of the work community and as a person.
  • You have a lot of influence on what kind of assignments you want to work and which areas in particular you want to develop yourself.
  • We only hire the best experts. You can learn new things from every member of our community and their support is at your disposal.
  • In a small community, every employee is not only worth their skills but something much more.
  • No bureaucracy. No hierarchies. Because all of our employees are smart and responsible, we have really few rules. Things are completely in our own hands.
  • For us, afterwork means you have time for your loved ones and your hobbies. Of course, we celebrate successes together.


  • The tools you choose. You know best which tools make you effective and enable you to create value. You are free to choose your computer, phone and other tools.
  • Very competitive salary. Salary is not our number one motivator, but we see that valuable work of the top professional must be paid fairly. Our salary model is described below on this page.
  • Leisure insurance. Accidents can happen on your own time. In addition to mandatory accident insurance, you will receive comprehensive leisure insurance.
  • Comprehensive occupational health services. Occupational health services are at your service in all cities of Finland and online.
  • Lunch, sport and culture benefits. Brain work requires energy and lunch is probably the most important meal of the day. We are offering luncheon vouchers and sport/culture benefits via modern mobile application.
  • Internet connection to your home. The most important thing is not where you do your work, but how you do your work. If your productivity is highest outside the office, we are OK with it. Tools include internet connection to your home.
  • Personnel fund. A fund owned by the personnel, which enables rewards up to 50% higher than the cash bonus. The employee can decide for himself which part of the bonus exceeding the guaranteed salary to invest in the fund. No side costs for the employer, in which case the company increases funded rewards by 20%. On top of this, the investment income of the fund accumulates.

Salary model

At Bradleys, salary is commission-based and significantly higher than the industry average. Salary is 50 % of monthly turnover generated by employee without a ceiling. Minimum salary is € 4,080 per month.

Because of the fair minimum salary, income stays reasonable, if there is a quieter time without an assignment or the employee is on sick leave. On the other hand, thanks to the commission, you have the opportunity to earn a substantial monthly income. The adjacent figure shows the effect of the commission on the monthly salary.

Bradleys Digital salary model

We favor a fairer income distribution between the employee and the employer. Therefore our salary model is exactly the same for all of our employees. We achieve significantly higher salaries by keeping our costs at a reasonable level and by ensuring that all of our employees work on client assignments. All administrative work is minimized and we focus on generating customer value as well as the best possible employee experience.

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