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Caro Hautamäki - cooking and coding (without spaghetti)

Caro started at Bradleys from the beginning of February 2022. The first month is soon behind, so we chatted with Caro and wondered about the feelings and thoughts after a few weeks of Bradleys.

How did the first month at Bradleys feel?

It felt very homey! Most of the Bradleys crew are already familiar to me, so I knew I could be part of a knowledgeable and comfortable work community. Common Thursday lunches are always worth the wait and Bradleys really knows where to have lunch.

My own wishes were taken into account by way of example when applying for the first assignment. In my project selection, I emphasized the importance of the project team, and fortunately I got involved in a project where, in addition to a competent and approachable team, I can do socially significant work.

As we Bradleys do, we make sure work is efficient work, and leisure is, well, that in itself. How do you spend your free time yourself?

In my free time I play the acoustic guitar and in the summer I play around the golf course. Cooking is also close to my heart - especially grilling in the summer and testing different smoking methods.

As we have asked many of our passionate coders: what is so charming about that coding?

I think coding is very similar to crafts, for example, because you can immediately see the output of your work. The details should be crafted accurately and for a long time, but they should not be completely finished until the tools themselves are put away.

Coding is also one of my hobbies. In his spare time, a mobile game, several Android applications and various web applications have emerged. With the top-notch tools offered by the company, it is always a pleasure.

You've been in a little bigger "circles" before. What drew to the smaller side?

I have worked for a couple of large and reputable consulting companies and thus have been able to enjoy the work culture of the respective company. In a small and low-hierarchy firm, the opportunities for influence are much wider and each employee is sure to be heard.

The last couple of years have also been marked by telecommuting, and I haven’t been able to enjoy the benefits of working full-time in the office.

As Bradleys has not a company office yet, it is compensated as the fair pay model.

Published 23.2.2022

Caro Hautamäki

Senior Software Designer
Fullstack equally from the backend to the front. The uncrowned king of interfaces.
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