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Bradleys salary model updated

We tuned our salary model. We have always used a commission-based salary model. We changed the commission calculation formula and in the future our salary is 50% of the invoicing.

In contrast to many other companies using commission salary model, our guaranteed salary, is higher. In many companies, the guaranteed salary is around € 2,000 - € 3,000. Our salary is at least € 4,080/month.

We favor a fairer income distribution between the employee and the employer. Therefore, our salary model is the same for all our employees. We achieve significantly higher salaries by keeping our costs at a reasonable level and by ensuring that all of our employees work on client assignments. All administrative work is minimized, and we focus on generating customer value as well as the best possible employee experience.

Why did the salary model change?

We wanted to make the model simpler and easier to understand than before. In addition, it was important in the reform that no one's salary decreased. From November 2022, salaries will be paid using the new model.

Published 6.11.2022

Karri Mustonen

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