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Binge at lake Näsijärvi

On Friday, June 9, 2023, the Bradleys team sailed in Näsijärvi under the banner of BINGE (Bradleys Informal Night at Great Environment). The weather favored the sailors, as always in Binge.

At the beginning of the cruise, we discussed our company's values and how they are reflected in our everyday life. In the middle of the cruise, we stopped at Maisansalo for dinner. On the way back, the most daring took a dip in Näsijärvi and the ship's sauna offered warmth to the swimmers.

The cruise was very pleasant, and laughter echoed on the ship's deck. The evening ended with a terrace and karaoke in Tampere. Thanks to all participants. It was nice to break away from daily routines together.

Published 13.6.2023

Karri Mustonen

Partner, Lead Consultant
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